Design Capability
Capability 》》Capability

  #Design and Manufacturing Capabilities


◇Antenna System for CW radar

◇Antenna System for Mono-pulse Radar

General Guidance Radar and Telemetry Receiving Equipment

CW Doppler Precise Measurement Radar

Mobile Satellite Communication Terminals for Shipborne Earth Station, Airborne Earth Stations and Land Mobile Earth Station

Remote Sensing Information Receiving Station Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems for Large Radio Telescope and Deep Space Detection

Satellite Payload Antennas System

Antenna System with Various Diameters for Satellite Communications Earth Station and TV Up Station


  #Performance Guarantees


Excellent Antenna Range

Large Anechoic Chamber with Near/far Field Test Ability

Metrology and Inspection Center with Various Metrological Standards and amount of Test  Instrumentations


  #Design Guarantees


Simulation Center for HF Electromagnetic Field

Simulation Center for Circuit Design

Simulation Center for Structure Design


  #Manufacture Guarantees


Assembly Factory with 120mX40m for Large Antenna

Advanced Flexible Design and Manufacture Center for the Precise Components of Antenna System

Various Machines and Equipment

The Northwest China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment