Design Capability
Capability 》》NAMC


NAMC ( Flexible design and manufacturing centre of large-scale antenna and feed devices) was set up in 2002. Based on the development and application of CIMS, NAMC consists of a network data-base supporting system and four engineering application subsystems which are integrated design, flexible manufacturing, information management and quality guarantee. We can quickly design and manufacture multi-frequency and wideband high performance feed devices, antenna curved moulds, antenna accurate

transmitting mechanism and other key parts of antennas and feed systems. We have a range of advanced information manufacturing systems, advanced machining equipment and quality guarantee system in NAMC, and the staff in NAMC is fully qualified in manufacturing modern flexible designing, manufacturing nd managing technology. The production capability of NAMC: is of 4000 parts for antenna and feed microwave devices, 150 sets for precise transmitting cases, 850 sets for moulds.


NAMCCan provide the design and manufacture to large-scale antenna series of feed, feed-line microwave devices and the whole set service.

                        Can provide the design and machining to a series of antenna moulds and three-coordinate measuring to antenna products and fixture moulds.


Can provide NC machining to all kinds of accurate cases, cavities and some other parts like shaft and plate so on.

Can provide the design and manufacture to all kinds of drawn moulds, die stamping moulds and stretch forming moulds of mobile communication, light industry products and so on.

Can manufacture and shape many types of metal cutting tools.



Hold an advantage of information manufacturing technology research and application.

Hold an advantage of computer network/data base management system research and application.

Hold the conditions of regional and professional cooperation and advanced manufacturing technology training.

The main productive equipments in NAMC can be seen in  the appendix.

The Northwest China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment