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S/X antenna system pass through the Factory acception Test

From Jun,29th.2009 to Jul,11th.2009,an expert panel (including International Business Department UP Lars Poromaa,Project Manager Jan-ola and four mantain engineers) on behalf of Sweden Space Corporation (SSC) performed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the 12m S/X band antenna system manufactured by NWIEE.

After a seven-day installation training, VP Li Rishang lead all the ralating engineers of NWIEE and representatives on behalf of 54th. Institute  to the test range to perform the FAT. With the result that all the indexes satisfied the contract requirements, the group examined the back-up devices and proposed some detailed issues which needed to get improved.

During the test,experts from SSC gave thoroughly approved of our product quality and highly prize of our research and development ability. They showed great interest in the cooperation in future.In the end,deputy director Gao Zhenxi and VP Lars Poromaa took charge to sign the acceptance documents ,which indicated the end of the manufacturing part.


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